Repelling negative energy

Have you ever felt like your energy is drenched when someone is around? Do you feel suddenly “down” when you are in a specific place? Our aura and general energy can be affected by the negative energy surrounding people or places.
Visualization and invocations can be powerful tools in this case. You can visualize yourself being surrounded by a bright light that repels all negative energies or vibrations. You can choose the color, your intuition will tell you which color is appropriate. Alternatively, visualize the person, place or object causing the problem surrounded by a bubble and visualize yourself “pushing” it away from you. You can also create a personal invocation to empower your aura and positive energy. Start by invoking the power of the Goddess, the God or simply any entity of Light (fairies, elementals, etc.), and declare that they guide you and protect you. State aloud that you will always project light and positivity and that no negativity will affect you. If you cannot say these words aloud for whatever reason, repeat them in your mind or simply whisper them. Remember, your mind is the most powerful protection against all negativity and darkness.


The impact of music in our psyche

Feeling depressed or bummed out? Do you want to feel inspired?
Music is a powerful source of emotion, which can awaken feelings, evoke thoughts, and be a natural stimulant or depressor. When feeling down, why not try listening to music that makes you feel good and relaxed? You will immediately feel the difference. Music can also induce a trance-like state, it’s just another way to tap into our Psyche and can help us connect with our Higher Self. It is just another path to communion with the Atman or the Soul of the World.

Positive thinking to help others

When friends go through tough times, whether it be sentimental or work-related issues, using empathy and listening to them can be a way to ease their spirit. Nevertheless, when we feel we should do more we can use the power of the mind to send them the cosmic energy they need to overcome any obstacle they may have. Thinking strongly of someone whether in a positive or negative way has a huge impact in that person whether we believe it or not. Sending positive thoughts of comfort, hope, and courage can definitely help our friends in distress.

Winter, a magical season nonetheless

The darkest days of winter are now gone and we can feel how nature begins to awaken. Spring seems far, but it is closer than we think. This reminds us of the cyclical nature of things, of the Wheel of Fortune, of the spiral of birth and rebirth. All that falls shall rise again one day. While we go through this season let us ponder upon the wonder of life and its cycles, and how we should patiently wait for change, as nature does.  Taking life one step at a time while we quietly work for future projects and enjoy the present even if we would rather look into the future is definitely the way to go.

Welcome to Mysticom!

Mysticom is a tiny corner for all things mystical.
How can mysticism be defined?
It refers to anything that inspires the spirit, the ether, our Higher Self to explore the mysteries of the Universe, of all that surrounds us. It refers to that which lies underneath all appearances and goes beyond that which is seen by the naked eye. Come and explore the mystical and sacred side of life, that which surpasses the materialistic and ephemeral that abounds everywhere.
We’ll discuss mystical and esoteric topics drawn from all traditions including shamanism and indigenous beliefs, Neopagan and nature-oriented religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, and much more.